Volunteer Log Book

The Volunteer Log Book

The 6W’s

The Volunteer Log Book (VLB) is intended to be used by “anyone and everyone” who volunteers in the Inglewood Community Garden (ICG) … such as rental gardeners who have selected committing volunteer time, rental gardeners who have paid a “Remittance Fee” (in lieu of committing their time), “pure” volunteers who are not renting and any community service organization or corporate volunteers.

The VLB is a three ring binder containing pre-printed “personalised” pages for every gardener who rents a bed in the ICG and plenty of spare pages, for anyone who volunteers in the ICG (but who does not rent a bed in the ICG), to personalise for themselves. [ see Personalised tab ]

The VLB is available during ICG opening hours. Entries should be made on the day that the volunteering is contributed — or as soon as possible thereafter.*

* Routinely, throughout the gardening season, someone will review VLB pages and initial the VLB entries. Therefore, entering an activity or Harvest Reward dated “before” the scrutineer’s ‘latest timestamp’ may raise questions. [ see Example tab ]

The VLB is kept in the Communal Garden Shed, on the counter along the south wall. [ see Location tab ]

The Volunteer Log Book (VLB) is the means by which the garden keeps track of the volunteer commitments made by bed rental gardeners who have chosen to contribute their time (rather than paying a remittance fee), as well as, determining the quantity of Volunteer Harvest Reward to which a volunteer is entitled.

Any and all volunteer hours should be recorded in the log book in order to:

(A) …qualify for the Volunteer Harvest Reward

(B) …qualify for bed rental renewal in the following gardening season [see Qualified Gardener]

(C) …help give the ICG “some idea” of how much work was involved during the gardening season to maintain the Garden

Simple — on your VLB page (which are arranged alphabetically by family or last name)…

1. Jot down the date, activity and time of your volunteer activity

… AND / OR …

2. Jot down the date, type and weight of the produce collected for your Volunteer Harvest Reward

… on separate lines, please … [ see Guidelines tab ]


The Volunteer Log Book is kept in the Communal Garden Shed, on the counter along the south wall.



In the diagram below the red boxes indicate the “day and month” that the entries have been randomly scrutinized.

As you can see in this ‘example’ Eugene does not qualify to renew his rental bed for next year because…

  1. The standard required volunteer time commitment is = 5 hours
  2. Harvest Rewards are measured in a unit weight [ 0.454Kg or 1Lb ] which is equal to 1 hour of volunteer time
  3. Eugene’s Total Volunteer Hours recorded are = 11.5
  4. Eugene’s Total Harvest Rewards unit weight is = 9
  5. So … when … we “do the math”
  6. Total Volunteer Hours minus Total Harvest Rewards = less than 5 hours

Sorry, Eugene… *

For the criteria to become a “qualified gardener” please click on this link Details for Gardeners and see the Qualified Gardeners tab

* JSYK — Do not feel too sorry for Eugene, he still has a path to “redemption” … or should I say “resumption”? **

** Here’s the path — Eugene can offer to make a Late Season Remittance Fee Payment


A pre-printed personalised entry for a gardener

A pre-printed personalised entry for a gardener and secondary gardener

A pre-printed personalised entry for a board member

A pre-printed personalised entry for a gardener who has paid a remittance fee rather that commit to volunteer hours