2021 Garden Survey

2021 Garden Survey Results

Thank you to the two dozen participants who returned this survey.

This questionnaire only contains data up to Friday, May 28, 2021.

The Statistics

How many visits have you made to the Garden?
How much time have you spent in the Garden?
1 Hour29%
1 – 2 Hours50%
2 – 3 Hours21%
3 – 4 Hours0%
IF you have an “assistant gardener” – How many visits have they made to the Garden?
IF you have an “assistant gardener” – How much time have they spent in the Garden?
1 Hour56%
1 – 2 Hours44%
2 – 3 Hours0%
3 – 4 Hours0%
How close are you to being prepared and/or planted?
0% to 20%27%
21% to 40%5%
41% to 60%5%
61% to 80%27%
81% to 100%36%
Is your bed about where you expected it to be now?
Biggest challenge, so far, in getting prepared and/or planted?
Schedule and Weather33%
Preferred Days of the Week
Preferred Time of Day

The Comments

thank you for continuing to work hard at keeping our garden open, growing and safe.

A little more flexibility…..2 half hour visits weekly would suit me, although I’m sure there are many varying views on this. Thanks ?

Thank you for all your hard work with scheduling!

I think the gardening is going well despite the scheduling. Everything is very well organised, although masking outside seems overkill, but probably not your call. Having the City compost is excellent. The garden looks so wonderful with all the work being done. It doesn’t look like the same garden from a few years ago. Great work by the board and Humphrey. Also the bees are happy.

Its difficult for us to plan very far in advance a time to garden due to health issues. We usually only visit the garden when we are both feeling well.
As the season gets going it would be helpful to be able to access the garden more than once a week. My biggest worry is my garden drying out or a big weather event happening and not being able to rush over to cover certain plants. The volunteers have been lovely and the covid protocols are excellent.

So far the scheduled visits have worked out for bed preparation and planting. I hope the scheduled visits don’t last long, though I understand their purpose. One thing I like about having a plot is stopping by in the evenings to water and check in on progress. It’s a calm, relaxing part of the day, which I will miss. It would be hard for me to schedule times in evenings to swing by due to unpredictability at work. I appreciate everything you have done this year. Everything has been a smooth operation.

There was no Zero response for Asst Gardener, I would have selected zero Assistant they gave not had chance to visit yet.

Thanks to the above response for pointing out a deficit in the questionnaire — I added this option as soon as the comment was received. ~Shawn