About Us

About Us


The Inglewood Community Garden has been active in the historic community of Inglewood since 2003. We believe that it is the largest (contiguous) community garden in Calgary and it also hosts a Communal Garden, which is (we believe) the largest in-ground solely volunteer managed vegetable garden in the city dedicated to providing produce to local service organizations and garden volunteers.

That is a lot of “belief” … but, then again, we’re gardeners, so it may be in our roots.

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What the Inglewood Community Garden does – is maintain and rent 121 raised beds and garden 0.18 hectare [0.44 acre] of Communal Garden which is dedicated to providing produce to local community service organizations and garden volunteers.

The Garden offers gardening opportunities to all Calgarians interested in gardening.

The Garden boasts an enthusiastic volunteer cadre who, as well as being eminently practical and knowledgeable gardeners, are socially engaged and actively involved in extending the positive benefits of gardening to our community – through co-operation, education and donation.

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The Inglewood Community Garden is located between Piitoayis Family and Colonel Walker Schools and the Parks Calgary greensward adjacent to the Inglewood Community Association grounds.


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The Inglewood Community Garden “traditionally” “officially” opens on April 30 — but oftentimes the gardening season begins as early as it is possible to work the ground in the Spring and continues until putting the beds to rest — usually around Thanksgiving in the Autumn.

A Brief History

  • Victoria Park Gardens established in Victoria Park circa 1995

  • Victoria Park Gardens relocates to Inglewood in 2003

  • The Garden Path Society of Calgary (GPS) registered as a non-profit organisation in 2003 in order to manage the relocated garden

  • The GPS expands, almost doubling its size in 2007, and inaugurates a co-operative gardening program on the newly acquired land

  • The GPS celebrates the Tenth Anniversary of its presence in Inglewood in 2013

  • In recognition of its close ties to the neigbourhood the garden renames itself: The Inglewood Community Garden

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Explanation for the layperson*

Explanation for the physicist*

*With due respect to all

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Board of Directors 2021

Officers and Members of the Board

Chair Julia Hinman
Secretary Carol Flynn
Treasurer David Rountree

Directors and Members of the Board

Planting Plan and Communal Garden Angie Schmidt
Health and Safety Jan Edworthy
Community Liaison Diane Thompson
Infrastructure and Maintenance Humphrey Shupenia
Events and Education Wendy McClosky
Environmental Design Julian Warring
Communications and Social Media Mitko Toshev


Fortunately for the Garden, our local community service organizations, the neighbourhood of Inglewood and the city of Calgary at large – our volunteers are too numerous to list here at the moment … but we will! … eventually =:)

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