Covid-19 in 2021

Our Goals

Social Responsibility, Best Health Practices, Gardening with and for the Community.

Our Responsibilities

Our responsibilities are to our community, our gardeners and our garden.

The Inglewood Community Garden will implement whatever measures are necessary to ensure the safety of all three during the 2021 Gardening Season.

We will post information regarding these measures on this website, as they are adopted by our Board of Directors, and they will be announced on our social media platforms as well, see links below.


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Access Protocols 2021

March 25, 2021

Inglewood Community Garden: Covid Protocols DRAFT

The following text will be adapted as circumstances require prior to the opening of the Garden in Spring 2021 and as necessary thereafter: March 25, 2021


The following protocols represent the ICG’s best faith efforts to establish requirements for gardeners choosing to attend the ICG to prepare and plant their beds, so as to be able to do so in as safe a manner as possible for both themselves and their fellow gardeners.

IF, for whatever reason(s), you are unable to comply the following protocols please contact us directly at:

Illness or Symptomology

Any gardener or volunteer with cold-like symptoms, including cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, or sore throat, should isolate and may not participate in volunteer or workplace activities.

If a gardener or volunteer becomes symptomatic while on site, they must immediately inform the person in charge of their activity or the Garden Steward and leave the site. If a mask or cloth face covering is available, they should put this on to reduce the chance of spread to others. Items they handled during that day should be cleaned and disinfected.

Symptomatic individuals must stay in isolation for 10 days from the start of symptoms, or until symptoms resolve, whichever takes longer. For more information visit:

IF you are experiencing cold-like symptoms — contact us and we will make arrangements to take care of your bed.

Scheduling and Supervision at the Garden

Scheduling will continue as long as required by Alberta Health Service and governmental guidelines. Inglewood Community Garden Stewards will supervise our schedules.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding taking Step 3, in lifting Covid restrictions, the ICG will be offering a — yet to be determined — number of supervised daily schedules for gardeners to attend the Garden.

The first of these schedules will be emailed to all gardeners, assistant gardeners, secondary contacts and volunteers on or about April 23.

Subsequent weekly schedules will be emailed to all gardeners, assistant gardeners, secondary contacts and volunteers in the week before the schedule is set to apply.

The ICG will be offering, a — yet to be determined — number of 3 day schedules where gardeners will have to use an online form to select a Date and Time Slot to attend the Garden.

Schedules will be established for both weekdays and the weekend.

These schedules will “hopefully” be a short term solution to allow gardeners time to prepare and plant their beds.

Access Request Forms

Until further notice access to the ICG will be accorded to ONLY those gardeners, assistant gardeners and volunteers …

1. Who have submitted the ICG Access Request Form and …

2. Whose names are on the Attendance Roll supervised by an ICG Steward

A link to the online ICG Access Request Form will be sent to …

• All gardeners renting a bed

• All gardeners who have been designated as assisting a gardener renting a bed

• All volunteers

EVERYONE accessing the ICG must have, at some time, attended an In-person Orientation.

Access to the Garden

1. Please observe mandated spacing guidelines while in the parking lot.

2. For the foreseeable future access to and activity within the ICG will be monitored by ICG Board of Director members or ICG appointed stewards

3. Anyone seeking access to the garden MUST have their name on the Attendance Roll

4. Entry and exit to and from the ICG will be monitored and recorded

5. On site identification of attendees shall be at the ICG Steward’s discretion BUT liability for any abuse of the “check in” procedure shall be the responsibility of the respective gardener renting the bed.

6. In short — DO NOT EVEN THINK — about sending anybody other than your assistant gardener to “stand in for you”

In the event of a “disagreement” — at the garden gates or inside the ICG itself — gardeners and volunteers MUST comply with directions given by the ICG Board Members or ICG Stewards.

Entering the ICG

1. Please maintain social distancing in the parking lot

2. Bicycles will be allowed in the garden

(a) Bicycles should be placed in the bike stand

(b) IF the bike stand is full, bikes should be placed against the south fence near the stage

(c) Bicycles may also be locked to the outside of the south fence near the Storage Shed

3. While entering the garden maintain social distancing

4. NO CHILDREN will be permitted in the garden until further notice

5. A sink with soap and cold water will be available near the Eastern most water stand … once we have water in the ICG

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The ICG will NOT provide any Personal Protective Equipment

1. Masks are discretionary

2. Gloves are discretionary

4. OPTION: Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer instead of wearing gloves

Gardeners’ Tools and ICG Shared Tools

Tools — Gardeners

1. Gardeners are enthusiastically ECOURAGED to bring their own small hand tools

2. Gardeners are encouraged to sanitise their tools before and after use

3. Gardeners MUST NOT leave personal tools in the garden

Tools — ICG: Essential Tools

1. A garden cart, wheelbarrows and long handled shovels and forks will be provided by the ICG

2. Gardeners MUST sanitise them before and after use: this is particularly important for wooden handled tools

Tools — ICG: Small Hand Tools

1. The ICG will make a limited number of small hand tools available — gardeners MUST sanitise the ICG hand tools before and after use

Gardening Supplies

1. Seed packages, carrier bags, containers and ANY other packaging and paraphernalia which you bring to the garden MUST be taken home when you leave the gardent — DO NOT leave them on your bed

2. Unused or incompletely used materials, such as compost, peat moss, mulch, soil, etc MUST be taken home with you when you leave the garden — DO NOT leave them on your bed

Departing the ICG

1. Once out of the garden, please proceed directly to your vehicle and depart

2. A sink with soap and cold water will be available near the Eastern most water stand … once we have water in the ICG

Porta Potty

1. A Porta Potty will installed within the ICG fence line by the time the Rental Garden Planting Schedule begins

2. The door handle MUST be sanitized before and after any use

3. Date of the installation of the Porta Potty remains to be determined

Government Guidelines and Reference Material

Government Mandated Social Distancing Guidelines and preventative measures must be adhered to at all times while attending the garden.

Provincial Government of Alberta:

Federal Government of Canada: