Growing Engagement 2022

Growing Engagement 2022 – an ICG Gardening Contest

The Competition

Who can get involved?
  • Open to any gardeners with a bed in the ICG.
  • Board members and “acknowledged expert gardeners” are prohibited.
  • Entries will be anonymous and only the category winners’ names will be published.
  • IF at a later date you wish to “increase” or “decrease” your category selection(s) simply fill out the form again.
  • ONLY the “last” submission you make will be considered for judging.
What are the categories?
  • Most bountiful
  • Most colourful
  • Most unique plant
  • Overall visual appeal
  • Best use of space — how much produce can you squeeze out of a raised bed?
  • Heritage Planting
  • Entries open immediately … BUT …
  • Last day to throw your hat into the ring will be — Saturday, July 9.
  • Judgement Day — Saturday, July 23.
Growing Engagement Sign-up Form