Renting a Bed

Each year the Inglewood Community Garden rents 121 individual garden beds and volunteers grow food for community organizations in our 0.18 hectare (0.44 acre) communal garden.

Bed rentals are open to anyone and are offered first come, first served. If you’re a new gardener and are interested in renting a bed, please read the rest of this page and then send us a message using our Contact Form expressing your interest.

The cost for renting a bed is $60 and at least 5 hours of volunteering logged during the growing season (or $75 prepaid in lieu.)

New gardeners (and by “new gardener” we only mean “new” to us, or new to renting a bed in the ICG) must pre-pay the $75 in-lieu-of-volunteering fee as a deposit and it will be refunded at the end of the growing season if they’ve logged the required amount of volunteering hours. This is not required for returning gardeners.

The funds received from the $75 volunteering payment are used for a variety of incidental expenses and to hire day labour as required.

Rental Process

The bed rental process begins in the autumn after the garden closes, goes dormant over the winter, and resumes in the spring before the garden opens again.


  • Before the garden closes, we’ll reach out to our gardeners reminding them of the upcoming renewal process.
  • We’ll email all qualified gardeners an invitation to renew their bed for the following year.
  • Once beds have been renewed, and if we have available beds, we’ll email potential gardeners on our waitlist an invitation to rent an available bed for the following year. This is done first come, first served.


  • Hibernation.


  • If there are remaining available beds, we will email potential gardeners on our waitlist an invitation to rent an available bed for the growing season in the current year. This is done first come, first served.
  • New gardeners are assigned a rental garden bed via email.
  • We will email new gardeners an invitation to an In-person Orientation. New gardeners must attend an orientation before they can use the garden.

All rental gardeners must agree to both the Rental Terms and Conditions and the Personal Liability Waiver.

Qualified Gardeners

A qualified gardener is any gardener already renting a bed who has adhered to the Rental Terms and Conditions and has either recorded at least 5 volunteer hours or paid the $75 volunteer fee in lieu. Being a qualified gardener allows them to renew their bed for the next year’s gardening season.

I would just like to garden …

You don’t have to rent a bed to be able to garden in the Inglewood Community Garden — you are welcome to volunteer in the communal garden or in whichever capacity matches your interests and abilities. Please see the Volunteer page for details.

Terms and Conditions

In order to do any gardening or volunteering work there are two things you must do first:

  1. Complete and submit the Inglewood Community Garden Personal Liability Waiver.
  2. Attend an In-person Orientation.