In-person Orientation

Everyone gardening or working by themselves in the Inglewood Community Garden must have attended an In-person Orientation Session and agreed to the ICG Personal Liability Waiver whether they are renting a bed, assisting a gardener who is renting a bed or are volunteering.

There are three practical reasons for the In-person Orientation…

  1. We give you a proper introduction to the garden and its resources so that you can make the best use of them.
  2. You are aware of best practices in garden safety, use of tools, and emergency procedures.
  3. Together we mitigate the insurance exposure to the ICG, the ICG Board of Directors and the Inglewood Community Association.

Your In-person Orientation session will be arranged by email, text message, or telephone call.

  • Orientation sessions will be conducted in small groups.
  • Orientation sessions will commence promptly.
  • Invitees who are late will be requested to attend a subsequent session.
  • Each orientation session should conclude in less than 30 minutes.

New volunteers throughout the growing season will be contacted via email, text, or telephone to arrange a mutually suitable date and time for their In-person Orientation.

If you are unavoidably detained, for whatever reason, on the date of your session — please do not turn up late — make alternate arrangements subsequently.

Please click on this link for complete details of renting a bed.