New Volunteers

How do I Volunteer?

The easiest way to volunteer is to drop by the garden – during the gardening season – at either of the following times:

  • Tuesday Evening, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Saturday Morning, 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

These are our regularly scheduled “Work Parties” … there’s no better way to get a sense of what we’re about than by seeing what we’re doing.

You can also visit our Events Calendar and / or subscribe to our Monday Update Newsletter

Is there anything else ... ?

Well… “yes” …

  • Attend an In-person Orientation – see below
  • Complete and submit the Inglewood Community Garden Liability Waiver Form

A Liability What?

The Inglewood Community Garden Liability Waiver

In order to reduce the potential insurance exposure of the Inglewood Community Garden and its board of directors, we require that everyone working in the garden signs the Inglewood Community Garden Liability Waiver.

Of course this Liability Waiver cannot infringe upon your statutory rights but it is essential in the sense that it indicates the seriousness with which we treat the well-being of our gardeners and their guests.

In order to be able to give your informed consent we further require that everyone working or gardening in the ICG be adequately oriented to the ICG’s safety provisions, best garden practice and code of conduct.

Why would I volunteer?

That’s a tricky one to answer … but if you are wondering what benefits you might derive from volunteering in the Inglewood Community Garden ~ aside from the healthy nature of the activity of gardening itself, participation in an organized effort to support local service organizations and making the world a better place generally ~ well, there is the “Volunteer Harvest.”

Basically the “Volunteer Harvest” allows volunteers the right to take one pound (0.454 kg) of produce from the Communal Garden for every volunteer hour contributed to the garden ~ after an initial minimum contribution of 5 hours.

In-person Orientation for New Volunteers


  • All first time volunteers to the Inglewood Community Garden MUST attend an In-person Orientation Session and agree to the Inglewood Community Garden’s Liability Waiver in order to work by themselves in the Garden.

Scheduled Orientations

  • In-person Orientations will be conducted at the Inglewood Community Garden in the Spring – new volunteers will be contacted by email, we will also post the dates to our Events Calendar

Dates and Times — To Be Determined

  • Orientation sessions are conducted in small groups. There will be more than one facilitator on hand and as soon as enough gardeners have assembled a session will begin.
  • Each orientation session should be concluded in less than 30 minutes.

Oops! I missed the scheduled In-person Orientations!?

New volunteers have to attend an “In-person Orientation” before they can work or garden by themselves in the garden.

Theoretically anyone in the garden who has had an orientation session should be able to conduct one. If you have had an In-person Orientation session aside from those scheduled please advise us (by email) of who gave the orientation and when it was conducted. Thanks.

We have prepared an Orientation Guide – in outline form of the orientation session itself – which new volunteers are encouraged to peruse in advance as well as a hard copy which “may” be found in the Plot Rentals Tool Shed to be used as an aide in conducting impromptu orientations.

The Orientation Guide is available here: Inglewood Community Garden Orientation Guide