Mission and Vision Statements

The Inglewood Community Garden Mission Statement

To provide an organic garden to cultivate plants, build community and share our resources.

The Inglewood Community Garden Vision Statement

We will be widely recognized as a vibrant, welcoming, all-inclusive society. We will engage the community through gardening to create a sense of harmony, pride and ownership. We will be financially, organizationally and environmentally sustainable.

It bears mentioning that both the Mission and Vision statements have been adopted verbatim from the Garden Path Society of Calgary.

The Inglewood Community Garden and Covid-19 in 2021

With regard to the 2021 Gardening Season — the Inglewood Community Garden may extend its liability provisions by requiring everyone requesting entry to the Garden to complete and submit a Covid-19 Access Request Form before being granted access to the Garden.

Due to the uncertainties involved around Covid-19 we will be finalizing any additional health related requirements closer to the opening of the Garden in Spring 2021 and will be communicating them to returning gardeners and new gardener applicants by email as well as posting them to our website and social media platforms.

1. And so, here we are…​

A Brief History
  • Victoria Park Gardens established in Victoria Park circa 1995

  • Victoria Park Gardens relocates to Inglewood in 2003

  • The Garden Path Society of Calgary (GPS) registered as a non-profit organisation in 2003

  • The GPS expands, almost doubling its size in 2007, and inaugurates a co-operative gardening program on the newly acquired land

  • The GPS celebrates the Tenth Anniversary of its presence in Inglewood in 2013

  • In recognition of its close ties to the neigbourhood the garden renames itself: The Inglewood Community Garden


The following document is intended to present new gardeners an introduction and experienced gardeners a reference.

IF this document does not provide the information or explanation you are looking for please drop us a line at info@inglewoodcommunitygarden.ca

1.1. The Neighbourhood