Adopt-a-Plot in the Communal Garden

The Communal Garden distributes 70% to 80% … or more … of the produce it grows to our community.


Anyone can Adopt-a-Plot in the Communal Garden.

You do not have to rent a plot in the Inglewood Community Garden to be able to Adopt-a-Plot … you only have to want to garden … and fill out the Adopt-a-Plot form =:)

You can Adopt-a-Plot at anytime of the year – so long as there is a plot available.

You could start at the very beginning of the season – preparing the bed, then planting, then tending, then helping harvest… or take on a plot at anytime.

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  • The Adopt-a-Plot program originated as a volunteer job opportunity where gardeners can fulfill their volunteer commitment to the Inglewood Community Garden by “adopting-a-plot” in the Communal Garden.
  • The Adopt-a-Plot program supports the Communal Garden tradition of sharing 70% – 80% of the produce it grows with our community partners
  • What “adopting-a-plot” means in practice is that the “adoptive” gardener will – “ideally” – be responsible for preparing the plot for planting in the Spring, planting (according to the planting plan developed by the Planting Plan Committee), tending the plot through the gardening season and if they choose, helping to harvest their adopted plot… OR … contributing to as much of that process as they are able.
  • Plot Rental Gardeners are able to sign-up for the Adopt-a-Plot program as part of the online plot rental form.


The Communal Garden is adjacent to the Plot Rental Garden and the adoptable plots are in-ground boxes on its west side.

Here is what the Communal Garden looks like: ICG – Communal Garden

Here is where you can find us: Map to Inglewood Community Garden


  • Bed preparation usually begins in early May
  • Planting will be completed as early as possible in June
  • Please note that on several (as yet to be determined) dates, expert gardeners (and knowledgeable assistants) will be available to offer guidance and help in the planting of whichever vegetable a plot has been accorded
  • Once a plot has been planted a team of volunteers will install the automatic drip irrigation for the plot.
  • If required by your summer holiday schedule, you can contact to arrange oversight of your adopted plot for the duration of your time away.


Yes … well why does anyone volunteer to take up any activity?

Allow me to quote from our Volunteer webpage:

That’s a tricky one for me to answer … but if you are wondering what benefits you might derive from volunteering (in this case to Adopt-a-Plot) in the Inglewood Community Garden ~ aside from the healthy nature of the activity of gardening itself, participation in an organized effort to support local service organizations and making the world a better place generally ~ well, there is the “Volunteer Harvest.”

Basically the “Volunteer Harvest” allows volunteers the right to take one pound (0.454 kg) of produce from the Communal Garden for every volunteer hour contributed to the garden ~ after an initial minimum contribution of 5 hours.

In (slightly) less philosophical terms:

  • The Board of Directors of the ICG has come around to the idea that, for our Plot Rental Gardeners, a volunteer commitment involving gardening might be more in keeping with the basic reason that brought them to the community garden in the first place, namely, growing things.
  • We are hoping that the Adopt-a-Plot Program will take a good deal of the stress out of planting our Communal Garden by ensuring that we have our expert gardeners assisting in the planting and tending as opposed to doing it themselves.
  • We are also hoping that the Adopt-a-Plot Program will create opportunities for anyone who “just wants to garden” that chance and a measure of gratification into the bargain.


  • If you are not renting a plot in the Inglewood Community Garden but “just want to garden” you can fill out the form at this link and we will get back to you in short order: Adopt-a-Plot Form
  • The Adopt-a-Plot Program is a part of the Volunteer Sign-up section of the Plot Renewal / Rental Application Form.
      • While there are 50 adoptable plots there are more than 100+ plot holders – the available supply of plots will be reduced on a “first come, first served” basis, after which you will have to consult the Volunteer Job List for an alternative volunteer job opportunity.
      • While the Adopt-a-Plot Program is intended to provide “one stop shopping” to fulfill your volunteer requirement the “bookkeepers” in the Volunteer Directorate would very much appreciate you tracking the activities and time you spend on your plot. Recording the time spent in your adopted plot will serve two purposes:

        1. The data will help us schedule future volunteer planning
        2. These hours will count towards qualifying to harvest Volunteer Rewards

2017 Adopt-a-Plot Status

Adopt-a-Plot Status, May 12

The graphic above illustrates the current status of the 2017 Adopt-a-Plot program.
Please click on the image to open a higher resolution PDF file.

JSYK: The Adopt-a-Plot Form is always more up to date in terms of beds available.

2017 Adopt-a-Plot Application Form

2017 Adopt-a-Plot Form