New Gardeners

New Gardeners — Rental and Volunteer Programs

By “new gardeners” we only mean “new” to us, or new to renting a bed in the ICG.

With consideration due to experience — we have settled on the following outline for the New Gardeners Rental and Volunteer Programs.

All of the following points will be discussed in as much detail as necessary to clarify them during your In-person Orientation.

In-person Orientation

  • All new gardeners are required to attend an In-person Orientation before working on their bed.

    • UNLESS —of course— they have already attended an In-person Orientation.

    • In-person Orientation sessions will take place in late April and early May.

      • Scheduled dates will be communicated once they have been determined.

    Volunteer Program

    • The volunteer program focuses on the ICG’s Communal Garden.

      • Volunteer activities in the Communal Garden will include preparing beds, planting, tending, watering and harvesting.

      • Volunteer activities in the Communal Garden will be group oriented and supervised.

      • For an overall view click on the link Communal Garden and scroll down to Planting Plans.

    • The “standard” hourly volunteer requirement in the garden is 5 hours per rental bed per gardening season.

      • Please note that if you have “secondary contact” or “assistant gardener” their volunteer hours will accumulate to your bed.

    Fee Schedule

    • We will require new gardeners to add a volunteer Remittance Fee of $75 to their bed rental fee of $60 in order to rent a bed.

    • This $75 fee may be reclaimed at the end of the gardening season

      • In order to reclaim this fee a new gardener must have a “positive balance” of 5 volunteer hours recorded in the Volunteer Log Book at the end of the gardening season.

      • This is as simple as it sounds — especially once you see how its done.

      • Please click on this link Volunteer Log Book and open the Example tab to see how a calculation is made.

      • Interested parties may also want to take a more detailed look at Volunteer Harvest Reward(s)

    • Partial refunds of the Remittance Fee will NOT be available — so remember to record all your volunteer hours in the Volunteer Log Book.

    Fee Payments

    • All new gardeners must complete their fee payments in full by the date emailed to them upon submission of their online form.

    • Fee payments to be made by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

    • Please get your fee payment in on time — we cannot make exceptions to this deadline.

    Bed Assignments

    • All new gardeners will be assigned a bed — assignments will be communicated by email.

    • For details on bed assignments please see the following section: Rental Program Bed Assignments

    Rental Program Bed Assignments

    This procedure pertains to the Spring Rental Program for new gardeners.

    For a comparison of Standard and Accessible Beds click this link: Beds: Where and What and open the “Rental Garden Beds” tab.

    Bed Assignments

    How it works:

    • All available beds are ranked according to their proximity to water stands
    • Standard Beds are assigned first
    • Accessible Beds are assigned after all the Standard Beds have been assigned*
    • Beds are assigned from the “top” of the ranking list in chronological order related to the receipt the Bed Rental Fee payment EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).
    • Assigned bed numbers will be emailed to gardeners.

    * Accessible Beds are assigned last because they have approximately 20% less surface area than Standard Beds.

    * IF the “square area” of your bed “really” matters to you, may I suggest that — as a new gardener applying for a bed — you submit your online application form and subsequently transmit your rental fee payment … as expeditiously as possible?

    It is also worth noting that IF you have been assigned an Accessible Bed you will be able to change to a Standard Bed when you return for the next gardening season.

    Please see the next tab, Accessible Bed Assignments, for more detail.

    Accessible Bed Assignments

    The Garden maintains 12 “Accessible Beds” — these beds are taller and narrower than our standard beds, which makes them slightly easier to garden for some. However, they have approximately 20% less surface area than our standard beds.

    Consequently, while some gardeners may want them, many gardeners prefer a standard bed — for its “extra” planting potential.

    IF you want an “Accessible Bed” the online form will allow you to tell us so … during any given rental program we (may) have a limited number available.

    In consideration of Accessible Beds having approximately 20% less surface area, we assign them “last” in the chronological order of things.

    It is also worth noting that IF you have been assigned an Accessible Bed you will be able to change to a Standard Bed when you return for the next gardening season.