Plot Renewals

Plot Renewals
The Inglewood Community Garden conducts a Plot Renewal Program in the Autumn to allow qualified gardeners the opportunity to renew the plot they gardened last year – they are also given priority in choosing an alternate plot if they wish to change plots in the coming season.

Qualified Gardener

A qualified gardener is any gardener who…

(a) has performed and recorded, in the Volunteer Log Book, at least 5 volunteer hours more than the difference between their Volunteer Time and the unit weight of the Volunteer Harvest taken from the Communal Garden…


(b) has paid the remittance fee and has recorded as many or more volunteer hours than the “unit weight” of Volunteer Harvest they have taken from the Communal Garden.

A “unit weight” of 0.454Kg (1 Lb) of Communal Garden produce is equivalent to 1 hour of Volunteer Time.

As an example:

  • 5 hours recorded – 0.0Kg produce taken = Ok
  • 5 hours recorded – 0.454Kg produce taken = Not Ok
  • 6 hours recorded – 0.454Kg produce taken = Ok

We don’t have an app for this yet but we do keep pens, pencils and paper in the shed

Plot Renewal Fees

  • The same as the annual Plot Rental Fee: $60

Volunteer Options

The volunteer time commitment to the ICG for plot rental gardeners is 5 hours per plot per season – and should be recorded in the Volunteer Log Book … or … as an alternative: pay $75 in lieu of the 5 volunteer hours

The volunteer options are:

Option A: Communal Garden Bed Preparation and/or Planting and/or Tending

  • Bed preparation and/or planting and/or tending
  • A minimum of 5 hours per plot must be recorded seasonally
  • Hours recorded count towards Volunteer Harvest Rewards

Option B: Heritage Volunteering

  • You performed a volunteer task for the ICG last year and would like to do the same volunteer work again
  • A minimum of 5 hours must be recorded seasonally
  • Hours recorded count towards Volunteer Harvest Rewards

Option C: Remittance Payment

  • Pay $75 in liew of performing any volunteer time in the garden
  • This remittance should be paid at the same time as your Plot Rental Fee
  • The funds received from these remittances will be used for a variety of incidental expenses and to hire day labour as required