General Plot and Plot Rental Information


  • There are 110 above ground Plot Boxes for rent
    • Standard Plot dimensions are 1.22m X 3.66m x 0.36m or 4.46 sq. m  (4′ x 12′ x 14.25″ or 5.3 sq. yds.)
  • Five of these above ground Plot Boxes are narrower and taller for easier access
    • Dimensions for these plots are 0.91m X 3.66m x 0.55m or 3.35 sq. m (3′ x 12′ x 21.75″ or 4 sq. yds.)
  • … and if  those options do not satisfy your need to garden there is 0.18 hectare (0.45 acre) of communal garden that never seems to get enough attention!

Plot Rentals

  • Plot Rental Fee: $60 per season
  • Standard Volunteer commitment: 5 hours per plot per season

Rental Terms

To rent a plot in the Inglewood Community Garden the applicant must accept both the terms and conditions of the Plot Rental Agreement and the Liability Waiver.

The Terms and Conditions of the Plot Rental Agreement can be read here:

The Liability Waiver for the ICG can be read here:

The Liability Waiver document outlines both your responsibilities and your acknowledgement of them with regard to the physical well being of your self, your guests and other gardeners.

Please note that everyone gardening or working by themselves in the Inglewood Community Garden must have agreed to the ICG Liability Waiver whether they are renting a plot or are volunteering.

Plot Rental Applications

Plot Rental Applications are processed twice yearly, in the Autumn and again in the Spring.

The Plot Rental Application form itself is an online document which will be posted at those specific times of the year.

Contact us if you are interested in renting a plot:  ICG Contact Form

The online Plot Rental Application Form contains both the Plot Rental Terms and Conditions and the Inglewood Community Garden Liability Waiver – which you must accept in order to rent a plot.

I just want to garden...

  • You do not have to rent a plot to be able to garden in the Inglewood Community Garden ~ you are welcome to volunteer in the ICG’s Communal Garden or in whichever other suitable capacity matches your interests (Please see the Volunteer page for further details and perhaps give particular attention to our Adopt-A-Plot program.)
  • However in order to do any gardening or work by yourself in the Inglewood Community Garden you must complete and submit the Inglewood Community Garden Liability Waiver.
  • If this is the first time you are volunteering In the Inglewood Community Garden you must attend an In-person Orientation (see below).

General In-person Orientation Information


    1. All first time gardeners and all first time volunteers to the Inglewood Community Garden MUST attend an In-person Orientation Session and agree to the Inglewood Community Garden’s Liability Waiver in order to work by themselves in the Garden.

    2. Please remember that all first time gardeners must attend an In-person Orientation Session BEFORE they can plant their plot!

Scheduled Orientations

  •  There will be 2 In-person Orientations conducted at the Inglewood Community Garden in the Spring – dates will be emailed to new gardeners and volunteers and posted on our Events Calendar

Date 1:    To be determined

Date 2:    To be determined

  • Orientation sessions will be conducted in small groups. There will be more than one facilitator on hand and as soon as enough gardeners have assembled a session will begin.
  • Each orientation session should be concluded in less than 30 minutes.

Oops! I missed the scheduled In-person Orientations!?

New plot rental gardeners and new volunteers have to attend an “In-person Orientation” before they can work or garden by themselves in the ICG.

Theoretically anyone in the garden who has had an orientation session should be able to conduct one. If you have had an In-person Orientation session aside from those scheduled please advise us (by email) of who gave the orientation and when it was conducted. Thanks.

We have prepared an Orientation Guide – in outline form of the orientation session itself – which new volunteers are encouraged to peruse in advance as well as a hard copy which “may” be found in the Plot Rentals Tool Shed to be used as an aide in conducting impromptu orientations.

The Orientation Guide is available here: Inglewood Community Garden Orientation Guide