Rental Garden – Water Usage

Rental Garden — Water Useage

The underground water piping system for the Inglewood Community Garden was installed by the City of Calgary Parks Department … a generous act for which we will be grateful so long as there is a garden to water!

“Thank you” — City of Calgary Parks Department!

NOTE: Water Flow

  1. BE CAREFUL! — Due to the size of the (underground) supply piping volumetric water flow in the Garden is very high!
  2. Always hold and point the hose nozzle away from yourself and others when turning the water on.
  3. Always turn on the water … s  l  o  w  l  y.
  4. Once you are finished watering please drain water from the hose, roll the hose up, close the nozzle, and store it.

Hose Etiquette

  • When you have finished using a hose…
  • Drain water from it…
  • Return it to the water stand and turn the nozzle OFF, unless…
  • … another gardener asks to use the hose after you are finished, in which case it will be up to them to replace the hose.

TIP – to make it easier to roll up a hose:

  • Leave the nozzle OPEN a trickle
  • Turn off the water at the tap
  • Now, as you pull the hose toward the water stand, it will become emptier, more flexible and easier to handle
  • REMEMBER to turn the nozzle OFF once you have replaced the hose

Water Stands

  • Water stands in the Rental Garden may appear more “complicated” than they actually are!
  • For a detailed discussion of all the water stands in the Rental Garden, please click on the fallowing link:
  • Rental Garden — Water Stands